Come explore with us!

Because every journey is better with a friend who knows the way, LiteracyAccess Online (LAO) was created to support children, parents and other facilitators as they work together to improve children's literacy skills.  We invite you to join our team of reading specialists, certified counselors and assistive technology experts to explore ways in which you can help your child become a better reader.

Here at LiteracyAccess Online, you will have the opportunity to learn strategies that will help you and your child in any reading setting, either on or off the computer.  You will also join a network of other parents with whom you can share ideas and concerns that relate to reading improvement. 

We invite you to join this network and learn more about it as you travel through the site. It does not cost anything and we are glad to have users of all ages.  When you join, you will be asked for some basic contact information to keep the records of what you have done in our database organized.  Any information you give us will be kept private, and we will not make any information available to any third party.

Once you have joined LiteracyAccess Online and logged in, you are free to go anywhere on the site and see for yourself what we have to offer you and your child. 

We're happy you've come to read with us.