Online Reading Assessment

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Two online sources of reading assessment are currently available. One is free and the other charges a fee. You may choose to have your reading assessment data stored automatically in your LAO student record.
To view your reading assessment and other account information, click here:

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Assessment data can be stored automatically in your account or you may enter it by hand.

To enter assessment data into your account, click here:

  • Gives information about phonics and reading comprehension levels.
  • Provides quick results and suggestions for help.
  • Created by expert reading teacher and speech pathologist.
  • Valid for grades 2 through 10 reading levels.
  • It's free!

  The Premiere Online Reading Assessment on the Market!
  • Tests 6 reading subskills online (Range K-12)
  • Produces an immediate diagnostic report
  • Guides reading instruction or remediation
  • Easy benchmarking for parents or literacy programs.
  • There is a fee for using this test.