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Write To Read Skill Overview


What is it?

Writing is a form of expression that allows for great creativity. It is one way to permanently record our thoughts, dreams, and ideas. Writing is a forum for presenting our views and to persuade others.

What is its purpose?

A good writer is one who can entertain, inform, or educate others. Good writing improves with strong reading skills. Many skills used in reading are used in writing and vice versa.

Writing gives a reader a chance to express his/her creativity. For example, he/she could rewrite a story ending. Writing can also be a powerful comprehension tool by allowing a reader to reflect on what he/she has read.

How will these skill activities help?

For McFeeglebee's Pond, we have one writing activity. Several story starters have been suggested to help the reader write a new ending to the story. Readers/writers will need to draw upon facts from the story to help them get started, but then have the freedom to create a completely new story by changing the ending.

Here is a link to learn more about Making Words: has a wonderful site directed toward teenage writers. It's filled with links such as: All About Writing, Dictionaries, Editing/Revising, Parts of Speech, Grammar Help, Writing Tips, etc. There are also places to submit your own creative stories.


Why Write? Also from


The Guide to Grammar and Writing. An online resource to help with the mechanics of writing (i.e. nouns, semicolons, etc.)