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Comprehension Skill Overview


What is it?

Comprehension is understanding what you have read. Good comprehension involves thinking about what is happening in the story and guessing what might happen next while you are reading.

What is its purpose?

Comprehension activities help good readers to become better readers. Comprehension skills such as predicting (guessing) keep the reader's mind actively involved in the story. This in turn helps the reader to remember the events of the story, to form his/her own ideas about the events of the story, and possibly to learn something new.

How will these skill activities help?

For McFeeglebee's Pond, we have two comprehension activities - When Did It Happen? and What's Behind Door #1? Both activities ask the reader to recall events from the story and place them in the correct order. Recalling events in the correct order is one way to promote and understanding of the story.

Here is a link to learn more about Phonics:

A list of books on reading comprehension