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Microsoft Accessibility Wizard & Magnifier

Windows98 and Windows2000 comes with a neat new feature called the Accessibility Wizard. The Wizard will step you through several pages to change the features that meet your needs. Remember, you must go through the complete wizard no matter which options you choose.

To start the Wizard, go the Start, up to Programs, over to Accessories, and find Accessiblity, you'll see Accessiblity Wizard and Magnifier.

Click on the Accessibility Wizard and go through each step.

Note: If Accessibility Wizard does not appear on the Programs menu or one of its submenus, you will need to install Accessibility Options. If you installed Windows 98 with a compact disc, you will be prompted to insert it into your computer.


nstalling the Accessiblities Options is pretty straight-foward. Here are some screenshots of what you'll need to do:

Go to Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs:

Then click on the Windows Setup Tab. Select the box next to Accessibility and click OK. Windows will ask you for your Windows 98CD or you may choose Browse and serach for the Windows Cab Files.

Once you have installed the Accessibility Options, you may need to shut down your computer. When you reboot, the Accessiblity Options should be located in the Start - Programs - Accessories.

For more information go to the Microsoft Windows Accessibility Site at